Humans and animals have a sacred bond to help one another on this life journey. Our souls all know what it is like to be both animal and human, don’t think humans are a step above animals. This foundational course to a blissful human animal relationship is to realize that the foundation is a circle, oval, or better yet, an infinity symbol. There is no hierarchy, there is no ladder, we are one. Deeply connected, rooted into this universe and are here to ascend together both human and animal, to make a more authentic, pure life for us all and the planet we inhabit. 
These courses are all about creating a new, aligned, understood foundation between you and your pet(s) so that you all may ascend and become fully recognized, authentic, sovereign beings together.

Like dusting off an old book you'd forgotten you wrote. Your ancestral lineage is calling to you to re-read these passages.

Where horses were rode into war. Where sheep were sacrificed for religious ritual. Where wolves were hunted to protect livestock. Where elephants are hunted for their tusks. Where cattle fed our families. Where camels allowed us to explore new lands. Where furs saved us from frigid winters.

All animals we have encountered are part of our story. These animals have a direct effect to how we interact with our pets today. It is time we honor and thank them, to see them for who they were; sentient beings guiding us on our human journey.

The pen is in our hands now. How will we write our future with animals?

We aren't living recognized lives in our animal human relationships...

Our survival style of thinking rules our current animal human relationship. Animals in the past were a means to an end. This is no longer true, but we still subconsciously live out our days as if it was. We cannot ascend with animals until we recognize our survival mindset, heal it, and reinforce a new mindset where animals are a means to thrive.

When the awareness and healing take place, we can begin to live recognized lives. Full, authentic, with intention and understanding, fun lives.